Friday, June 6, 2008

My A

I think I deserve an A in English class because within the term I had Romero I completed all the assignments he has told me to and did not miss one. Even though I had some mistakes on some of them I fixed them as he asked me to. For example assignments I completed were all of the Of Mice and Men work we had to do including the 3 essays and the test we had to create, the newspaper article we had to do for Native son, and the goodreads project.

So for the Of Mice and Men essays I did one for Motifs, which was about certain things like the corruption of women, which was one of my topics in this essay. I wrote about how women can do certain things to persuade a man so she can get her way and how women can also mess up a fraternity of brotherhood.

The newspaper article I did for Native Son I wrote it on the investigation of Mary Dalton the daughter of the rich Mr. Dalton. She was killed by Bigger Thomas the chauffer for their family who “supposedly” killed her by a mistake after she got drunk by smothering her.

And last our goodreads project which is a project where we sign up and put any books we ever read on there and how many books we got on there is how many points we get on that project. We also had to do a review on the book we read in English called “Native Son” and also two books of our choice.
As you can see I have completed every assignment for Mr. Romero English class which is actually a surprise because I haven’t done that in any class all year which would be the greatest reason to give me an A.

Self assesment questions

The Mirror
Do I have more understanding than I did before volunteering? I have nomore understanding than I had when I volunteered.

The microscope
What more needs to be done? We need more volunteers to help out because many people doesn't care about the homeless.

The Binoculars
How would service learning change my attitude? Service learning wouldnt change my attitude because I have always wanted to help the homeless.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

service learning 5/28/08

This week in service learning we made posters to support our food drive that will be held from june 2nd through the 5th

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Of Mice and Men Test

1. What are some of the motives behind George killing Lennie?

*He thought it would be better for Lennie if he was dead because he wouldn't have to deal with getting in trouble for innocent things.

2. What was the turning point in the movie? Explain.

*When Lennie killed Curley's wife because before that happened Lennie was doing just fine and wasn't getting into much trouble and they wouldn't have been out to get him.

3. How do you think George felt when he killed Lennie?

*I think he felt very sad but relieved at the same time because he wouldn't have to run no more and Lennie wouldn't have to be picked on anymore. 

4. Do you think that Slim felt sorry for what was going to happen to Lennie?

*Yes because he knew Lennie didn't know that he was going to hurt her.

5. If Lennie did not kill Curley's wife how do you thin the movie would have ended?

*They would have gotten their house with the farm and everyone would have been happy and Lennie would have probaly been the highest payed worker and would have brung alot money into their house.

6. How do you think Curley's wife was thinking when she was dying?

*She was probaly thinking i do not want to die and i haven't pursued my acting career yet but atleast i wont be lonely anymore.

7. Name a time where Lennie and Bigger Thomas situations are similar?

*Because they were both acused of a crime that they committed with out knowing that they were actually killing the person.

8. What question would you ask George if you had the chance?

*I would ask him why did he decide to kill Lennie instead of helping him run like he usually does.

9. Do you think Lennie death was for the better or worse?

*I believe his death was for the better because now he would not have to live is life as a person George just brings along because he feels bad for him and he would no longer be made fun of.

10. Every night before they went to bed what would Lennie ask George to do?

* He would ask him to tell him the story about how their lives would be if they had they own little house.

Friday, May 16, 2008

service learning may 5-9

This week for service learning we dicussed what we can do to finalize service learning and then went outside and walked around the block to see how many homeless people will be out there and then came back to school and discussed what we saw by then it was time to leave.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Motifs of mice of men

Motifs of mice and men there are alot of motifs in of mice and men like strength and weakness, corrupting powers of women, and loneliness and companionship just to name a few. The one im going to talk about is The corrupting powers of women that can cause men to do some crazy things in life.

In todays life women can be very convincing in many ways to name a couple there is causing problems between 2 men even though its her fault, getting free things just for flirting might cause a man his job and etc. In the movie Mice and men curley's wife is a threat to all the men that work there because she flirts every chance she gets and that can get them into big trouble. She's the bosses son wife but eventhough she married she doesnt care she see's it as getting the attention she needs from other men because she doesnt get it from her own husband. That cause her to use her looks as an advantage to get what she want from who she wants.

Being a women is a very powerful thing and we use that to get what we want no matter what the circumstances may be, wether its braking up a happy home to getting into a rich lifestyle.As you can see The corrupting powers of women is a very common thing in our everyday life and even in a fantasy world.

Themes of mice and men

  The book of mice and men is pretty much boring, but the movie is very much interesting which was the good part about actually studying Of mice and men. There were many themes that were in the movie. The theme i chose to talk about is Fraternity of brotherhood which is pretty much a theme in the real world.
    Fraternity of brotherhood, this theme is very common in the real world where as though there would be a real tight bond between a group of boys or maybe just two. Where they feel they can trust each other with any and everything. But in of mice and men the fraternity of brotherhood is not as tight as it is in the real world. Its all about betrayal and lies(which happens very often for example, when Lennie kills Curley's wife by a mistake no matter how close everyone were they still was gonna kill Lennie if it was the last thing they did. Even though most of them knew he never does anything on purpose, everyone knew how sweet and nice he was and he would never hurt anyone unless he had reason to do so or unless George told him it was okay. With George knowing everything about him and knew Lennie longer than he knew anyone and how he truly is inside and out, he still betrayed him by not helping him escape but by killing him instead even though they considered each other as family.
   Now that I have explained my point to why i think Fraternity of brotherhood is the most common theme in the book and in the real world  because its not all it is cracked up to be. The meaning of Fraternity of brotherhood does not portray in the real world or the movie. No matter how tight you are with somebody in a Fraternity they will always betray you one way or another.